March 18, 2002 Site update begins, and will be continued throughout March as I catch up; I have recently relocated..
November 24, 2001 Site update.
September 18, 2001 Site update.
July 29, 2001.

Site update. Next scheduled update: August 15, 2001.
Note: I had a PC crash and burn, and lost some emails. If you sent a story and it isn't here, please resend!

June 5, 2001. Site update. Next scheduled update: June 16, 2001.
May 6, 2001. Site update. Next scheduled update: May 13, 2001.
April 28, 2001 Site update. Next scheduled update: May 5, 2001.
January 27, 2001 Site update, with new stories to be alphabetical and author sorted next.
October 29, 2000 Bad dog! After far too long, the site is updated. Silicondog also visited the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, and brought back some fine pictures and met the men behind some of his nastier fantasies.
August 8, 2000 New stories added to the site.
June 7 , 2000 New stories added to the site. Note: Any stories sent by email after May 28, 2000 will be included in the next update. Now go to the Repetrope link and make Silicondog rich! :)
April 21, 2000 The story "The Spotter" was deleted from the site due to its unauthorized copying from "Workout Visualization" by Bobaroo2. Apologies to Bobaroo2!
April 18, 2000 New stories added to the site. Also: a new muscle story email list has formed! Go to www.egroups.com and search for Muscle Stories,
March 13, 2000 New stories added to the site.
February 9, 2000

New stories added; also Silicondog is working on a muscle, bodybuilder and military gallery to be a new member of the Halcyon web ring. Its URL will be: http://sdog.halcyonwebring.com and will be ready shortly!

January 16, 2000 Scott Walker has been added to the list of authors (formerly "scottw83"
January 9, 2000

Added some new stories and re-posted some old ones as well. Hope all the friends of the Story Shrine had a pleasant holiday season. Woof :)

November 26, 1999

Added several new stories and a chronological section to the shrine. I also upgraded to a new PC and Windows 98; as a result, my mail for the past few weeks has scattered to several machines.....and if you don't see a contribution here, please email me!

The shrine is now up to over a thousand hits a day -- go team go!

November 4, 1999

The great change: a new home for the Shrine!

Through the grace of the Halcyon Web Ring, the Shrinewill be moved shortly to its new URL at:


September 9, 1999 Added nine new stories! 
Does any reader have an ISP in mind that can accommodate the Muscle StoryShrine?   I'm looking for a provider that won't mind the site contentand won't charge as much as Earthlink does for traffic.  And on thesame subject: I'm shutting down the picture site over at Geocities, andam looking for a new home for all those pictures as well.  Please mailany web host providers you know of to: [email protected]:  many thanks!  
August 9, 1999 A new page with Silicondog's links!
August 2, 1999 Two small stories by myself were added; "TrafficJammed" and "Hercules Unearthed."
July 31, 1999 I've added two new stories by Chip Masterson, "TheLabors of Hercules" and "Tarzan."
July 10, 1999 I'm pleased to put several new stories on from an excellentwriter, Chip Masterson.  While you all have been reading (and evenmore unforgivably, writing) stories about the Backstreet Boys andRicky Martin, I'll keep the Shrine open 24/7 until you all come back toyour senses. 
May 21, 1999 After a thorough cleaning of all my email folders, laptops,hard drives and zip drives, I am posting a collection of both new and oldstories to the Shrine.
March 24, 1999 Due to the incredible digital traffic the pictures adorningthe archive has generated (and the resulting bill from Earthlink), I amregretfully deleting them from the story site.
March 14, 1999 I continued work on "Where'sHerc"; I'm also putting a call out for those who wish to contributeerotic stories with wrestling, combat or military themes.
February 9, 1999 The pages have been changed to a new font with new picturesas well.  No stories added today.

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